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Who is Michelle

Who Is Michelle?
Released on September 20, 2017

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When me and your mom found you were this happy baby that needed a parent to take care of you.

James Fairchild, "Who Is Michelle?"

"Who Is Michelle?" is the twenty-sixth episode of the and the season finale of the first season of PINY Institute of New York.


Some unexpected news leaves Michelle confused. She doesn't react in the best way and her friends do their best to pacify her.


Michelle is lost in her reverie of thoughts. She still couldn't believe the news that she is adopted. But she is back to earth when Tasha interrupts her thoughts . She makes an excuse to Madame Forbes that her brain went whooshy. Madam Forbes orders her to go to nurse.Michelle leaves the classroom ,Tasha also goes after her.

In the hallway, Tasha says that whooshy would be something Michelle's grandma would say. Michelle gets angry and says that Tasha knows nothing about her grandma and leaves.

The scene skips and it can be seen that Julia, Dory and Rita are laughing over Michelle .Michelle is lying gloomy on her bed looking at her baby picture.Her supposed father,James enters the room.They both have an angry talk which causes James to leave the room.

Tasha and Lilith have a talk about Michelle.Tasha is angry over Michelle's sudden rude behaviour and warns Lilith to never mention Michelle's grandma in front of her.They reach the line with their dare ways.Unfortunate for Tasha , Michelle tries to defeat her by hitting her dare way with Tasha's. Coach Spencer gets angry and Michelle leaves.

Sam , William , Lilith and Tasha are sitting around a table in the canteen.Tasha and Lilith talk about Michelle's rude behavior without mentioning her name which causes Michelle to leave .

Michelle and James Fairchild bond together as a father-daughter and forgive each other for what they have done.Michelle asks for apology by offering an olive pizza to Tasha and Lilith which read "I am Salami" instead of sorry. They enjoy the night eating pizza and talking.



  • As seen from the model sheets, the working title for this episode was "Adoption II".


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