The Curse of the Bridge

The Curse of the Bridge
Released on September 8, 2017

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I know, I know you can't talk to me because I have a curse. So, run for your life.

I just want to ask you to come with me to the Halloween Party.

Michelle Fairchild and William Bradley, "The Curse of the Bridge"

"The Curse of the Bridge" (also called "The Halloween Special" in other countries) is a special episode as well as the tenth episode of the first season of PINY Institute of New York.


Michelle doesn't believe in curses, but a crossing of the Encantado bridge might change her mind.


The episode starts with the Indie Girls, the Beautiful People and The Boys out in the forest telling ghost stories. It is Julia's turn and she makes up a story called "The Curse of the Bridge" which is about two sisters and a man that one of them like. The other sister betray the sister and goes out with her making the other sister fall into the river below the Encantado bridge. Michelle knows she is referring about her, Julia and William so she doesn't believe it. However, Dory and Tasha are very scared. Michelle knows it is not true so she crosses the bridge.

The next day, her friends and other students are scared of her and she may give them bad-luck. When Michelle walks past someone/thing, something dangerous would happen like Mr. Fairchild falling of the ladder or the socket exploding. Will tries to ask her to come to his Halloween party but she flies off heading to her room.

In the Indie Girls room, Tasha and Lilith try to preform a ritual to take the spirit out of Michelle who tells them jinxes and curses are not real. But just then Lilith and Tasha suspect that Julia is behind it. So the Indies make a plan.

The next day, Tasha and Lilith pretend as if Michelle is missing which makes Julia scared. But she later on sees Michelle that warns her that the witches' spirit will get her. In the night, she gets haunted by Michelle, Tasha, Lilith and Armando. The episode ends with the eight in the forest celebrating Halloween and not wanting to have ghost stories.


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  • The Spanish title for this episode is "La Malición Del Puente".
  • The Russian title for this episode is "Призрачный мост"



PINY - Halloween Special

PINY - Halloween Special. Episode "The Curse of the Bridge" (Music Clip)

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