Lilith Had a Little Hen (110)
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Secret non Admier

Secret Non-Admirer
Released on September 12, 2017

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Open up Piny Cloud. Photo,next,next..there we are crisis averted all copies deleted from camra sync, bingo. Uh, hmm nice photo, nothing a little photo editing couldn't fix. Lilith would love this.

Michelle Fairchild, "Secret-Non-Admirer"

"Secret Non-Admirer" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of PINY Institute of New York.


Michelle mistakenly publishes a retouched photo of Julia on the PINY blog and now she has to fix it.


The team for the PINY Herald is working the newspaper. With a deadline of 2 hours, they rush to meet the deadline. Julia borrows William Bradley's camera and uses it to take and photoshop a picture. When the Indie Girls see the photoshopped picture they are shocked and Julia plans to publish it along with the Herald. Then Michelle tries to find a way to stop Julia from exposing the photo of Lilith Henderson to the entire school, and is successful. When a photo of Julia pops up Michelle Fairchild can't resist photoshopping it. When Sam Ryan unexpectedly walks into the room, Michelle is surprised in hearing someone else was there and accidentally publishes the photoshopped picture of Julia. In trying to stop the photo from being published, Sam unplugs the computer. Later that day, Michelle discovers the attempt to stop the photo of Julia from being published had failed. After Julia finds out about the picture of her in the Herald, she is furious and accuses Lilith of publishing it as an act of revenge. Madame Forbes then calls all the Herald staff to her office to find out who put the photoshopped picture of Julia in the newspaper. When no one confesses, she gives till the end of the day or she'll discontinue the Herald. Julia begins to pester Lilith as revenge for posting the photo. Michelle feels guilty for letting Lilith take the blame and confesses to her the truth, and Lilith is furious with her for not saying anything. Michelle apologizes to Lilith and heads to Madame Forbes' office to tell her the truth. When Michelle gets there, she finds out Sam had already confessed. Then she goes and talks to Sam and kisses him on the cheek as thank you for taking the fall for her. Afterwards she explaines to Julia and Madame Forbes what happened, then Michelle is punished alnog with Sam.


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