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PINY Runway

PINY Runway
Released on September 12, 2017

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Good morning Pinions I've been preparing a special theme for this week's design that I know you'll love. Designs inspired by your parent's professions.

Boo !
Keep calm kids this as an exercise to improve yourselves and show how your parents and show how your parents inspire you. For example if you father is a florist and your mother is an engineer.

Mr. Grasso and PINY students, "PINY Runway"

"PINY Runway" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of PINY Institute of New York.


Michelle must design some clothes based on her parents' jobs, but what's glamorous about a janitor's uniform? And what about her mother?


Mr. Grasso announces that that the students must create a design inspired by their parent's professions. When Julia Cooper hears this she asks what they were to do if their parent was a janitor. After hearing Julia's question, Michelle Fairchild starts to feel uneasy. At lunch Michelle can't bring herself to eat due to the fact that she can't come up with a good design inspired by her father's job. Michelle tries designing janitor-inspired clothing but it doesn't turn out well. After her failed attempt, Michelle is starting to feel hopeless and the pressure only gains on Michelle when Julia tell her that they will be presenting their designs on the PINY Runway and that Austin Zimmer will be hosting it. Michelle then heads home and speaks to her dad about what's going on. He understands and gives her the idea to use her mom as inspiration instead of him. He then tells Michelle about her mom, she then is inspired and stays up all working on her design. The next day the students are preparing to take the catwalk on the runway and each is called up one by one by Austin Zimmer. When it is Michelle's turn to take the catwalk The Beautiful People expect her to look terrible in janitor-themed clothes but are surprised to she he in a beautiful doctor-themed design. After school Michelle tells Lilith Henderson and Tasha Robinson about her mom's profession as a surgeon. While looking through her mom's things, Lilith finds a picture of Michelle when she was young that is ripped in half. Tasha then says that Michelle might have an evil twin sister.


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  • At the end of the episode, when the Indie Girls are wondering where the other half of Michelle's baby picture, Tasha remarks that Michelle probably has an evil twin. This foreshadows that Julia is actually Michelle's long-lost twin sister in "Wardrobe Malfunction".



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