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Lilith Had a Little Hen (110)
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Welcome best beings, take a seat, all of you.

—Mrs. Bogart, "Cosmania"

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Mrs. Bogart, is one of the teachers of PINY Institute of New York. She is a drama teacher at PINY: Pinypon Institute of New York in New York.


Mrs. Bogart teaches drama and teaches Michelle Fairchild, Tasha Robinson, Lilith Henderson, Julia Cooper, Rita Finucci, Dory Skornik, Will and Sam.


Mrs. Bogart has brown hair and green eyes and wears a green headban and scarf and black glasses. She also wears an orange vest with black sleeves and a yellow-green shirt underneath with black pants.


  • Her name - Bogart is a scottish word which refers to an evil or mischievous spirit.



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