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I just got the heads-up from the admin to release the latest edition of the PINY Herald.

William Bradley, "Baby Pictures"

The Herald is PINY: Pinypon Institute of New York's newspaper group that consists of William Bradley as the head and Sam Ryan as the deputy-head.


Before Season 1

The Herald seemed to have be founded by Rania Forbes before the events of PINY Institute of New York.

Season 1

In "Best Blogged", Will seemed to help Madame Forbes publish the Best dressed student announcement.

In "Secret-Non-Admirer", the Herald were publishing their latest newsletter before Michelle mistakenly uploads an embarrassing image of Julia that jeopardizes her scholarship that makes Sam take the blame. Feeling guilty, Michelle tells Madame Forbes the truth.

In "Bella Lima", Will and Sam were meant to cover Bella Lima's fashion event but Julia and Michelle ended up covering it and exposing Bella Lima. However, Sam and Will went to report on werewolves.

In "Baby Pics" and "Who Is Michelle?", the Herald publishes a baby picture of each of the students, but when Michelle finds it difficult to find a baby picture she finds out she is adopted.




Bella Lima (232)

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  1. As said by William Bradley in "Best Blogged"