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Where did you get [ K.T. ] from, kid?

—Gregory Forbes, "Lilith Had a Little Hen"

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Gregory Forbes, is a professor in PINY Institute of New York. Gregory is a famous professor in New York. He made his debut in the episode "Lilith Had a Little Hen".


Gregory is has a height of an average adult.

His hair colour is a similar color and style to William Bradley's hair, they are both a dark shade of blonde and his eye colour is amber.

Gregory wears a white polo top with a dark blue tie. On top of this he wears a dark blue blazer. He also wears glasses. Dr Forbes' trousers are grey and shoes are black.


Lilith Henderson

In "Lilith Had a Little Hen", Gregory first met Lilith. He had a fondness for K.T. and gave Lilith a chance to show distinguished scientists her creation. He seems to be friendly and caring to her.

Rania Forbes

In "Lilith Had a Little Hen", Gregory and Rania interact together. Gregory seems to be in good terms with Rania however, Rania is a bit strict with him.

Michelle Fairchild

In "Lilith Had a Little Hen", Gregory first met Michelle. He seems to be in good terms with her.


In "Lilith Had a Little Hen", Gregory explains he is a scientist to Lilith and him and his fellow scientist were founders of the Holo-Pets.


Forbes Family Tree


FT Unknown
Gregory Forbes Square
Gregory Forbes
Rania Forbes Square
Rania Forbes

Gregory Forbes
Rania Forbes

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



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