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Erin Fitzgerald is an Canadian-American actress and voice actress. She voices Michelle Fairchild/Galactic Princess in the English dubbed version of PINY: Institute of New York.[1]

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She is best known for her voice over roles of May Kanker and Nazz in Cartoon Network's classic original series Ed, Edd n Eddy. Fitzgerald can currently be heard on the Mattel series Ever After High, which is a Netflix original series, as Raven Queen, C.A. Cupid, Gus Crumb, and The Ugly Stepsisters. On Mattel's Emmy Nominated Monster High movies which air on Nickelodeon and Netflix, Erin is the original voices of Abbey Bominable, Spectra Vondergeist, Rochelle Goyle, Claire (no doll), Fawn (no doll), Wydowna Spider, C.A. Cupid, Scarah Screams (2011-2014), and Astranova.Also, Erin has been Luta in The Snow Queen.

Fitzgerald can also be heard in the animated series Wild Grinders, created by Rob Dyrdek for Nicktoons, on which she plays Stubford, Denise and Patti. Other cartoons she appears include Lego Friends, Kate and Mim Mim, Jungle Bunch, and Popples. She was also the announcer on Nickelodeon's Emmy nominated series Brainsurge for the first two seasons.