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Does it need more salt?

—Dory Skornik, "Cooking Disaster"

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Dory Skornik is an anti hero and then a protagonist of PINY Institute of New York. Dory is a student at PINY: Pinypon Institute of New York in New York.


When Dory was first introduce in "First Impressions", she behaves like the rest of the Beautiful People; a mean, spoiled girl. Even when she first saw Michelle Fairchild, she berates her for not belonging at PINY. However, this wasn't brought up again because after the first episode Dory become better defined with her own set of personality.

Despite being part of the Beautiful People, she's actually more of a follower towards both Julia and Rita and is easily influenced by them. Dory is shown to be childish, ditzy, perky, dim, and is completely clueless on many occasions even when there's something obvious that's right in front of her (such as in "Horsing Around", when she believes Blossom had eaten Julia due to she sees the horse spits out her hair brooch despite Julia is actually sitting right in front of her). She is also quite literal-minded as shown in "Cooking Disaster" when Tasha asks her about her "evil sisters" (her friends) and she said that she literally don't have any sisters.

But aside from being ditzy and absent-minded, Dory is shown to be skilled at cooking, drawing, fashion designing, and speaking fluent Spanish, which demonstrates that while she may not be very bright, she is creative and artistically inclined. She is also the kindest and sweetest out of the bunch and wants to be friends with the Indie Girls which annoys both Julia and Rita.


Dory has purple hair and emerald green eyes. She wears light blue shirt with white sleeves and a purple skirt. She also has purple and white high heel shoes with purple laces and light blue knee-socks.


FT Unknown
Mr. Skornik
FT Unknown
Mrs. Skornik
Dory Skornik

Mr. Skornik
Mrs. Skornik
Dory Skornik

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    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  • After she start wearing her current attire, Dory is frequently a victim of animation errors. In many scenes, her lips are pink instead of purple, or her eyes are purple instead of green.


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  1. She briefly falls in love with Sam in "Skater Boy" while in concussion.

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