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Catwalk on water

Catwalk on Water
Released on September 26, 2017

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Let's receive our star, please let's give a round of applause for the fabulous organiser of the 50th extravaganza, Casey Flash.

Ms. Montclair, "Catwalk on Water"

"Catwalk on Water" is the seventh episode of the second season of PINY Institute of New York.


Michelle and Julia are selected to participate in the biggest fashion event held at PINY.


The episode starts with Ms. Montclair on the runway on water introducing Casy Flash. Michelle, Tasha, Lilith and Stella talking about why Rita was chosen to design a dress but when Stella mentions that Rita is Casy's niece.

After the Introduction, Casy speaks to Michelle, Julia and Rita about what they need to do. Julia is paired with Austin Zimmer, who tries to give her compliments to impress her, while Julia was sewing her dress.

On Rita's boat, Lindsay Sparkles was serving Rita drinks and snacks when Bella Lima asks her when will she start making her dress. But Rita orders her to sabotage the dress. Bella snuck pass Dory who was resting on Julia's boat and messed with the yacht cables, which made it malfunction. For that reason, Stella and Michelle tried to put things in order which led to Lilith going overboard.

Luckily, Julia's Boat was able to pick up Lilith who gets in an argument with Austin for flirting with Julia. A few minutes to runway, and Rita is looking for a dress, out of anger, she spills the drink on herself but is sent out to the runway. Michelle and Julia's dresses were successes while Rita humiliated herself. The episode ends with Rita getting shouted at by Casy.



Major Characters
Michelle Fairchild
Julia Cooper
Casy Flash (debut)
Tasha Robinson
Lilith Henderson
Rita Finucci (antagonist)
Bella Lima
Annie Summers
Austin Zimmer
Stella Marie

Minor Characters
Ms. Montclair
Dory Skornik
Lisa (background)
Walter (background)
Lindsay Sparkles (background)


Dress holders


PINY Stage (on water)


  • This episode takes place after "American Mydol", "Bella Lima", "Hire Me" and "Labyrinth".
    • Michelle has a flashback memory on her previous experiences with Bella Lima and Annie Summers.
  • Casy is the 14th celebrity to appear in the series.


  • On the title card it says Catwalk on the Water instead of Catwalk on Water.


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