Best Blogged

Best Blogged
Released on September 7, 2017

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That’s weird. What's Scotty's costume doing in the trash?

William Bradley, "Best Blogged"

"Best Blogged" is the seventh episode of the first season of PINY Institute of New York.


Becoming the best dressed girl PINY is an honour for Michelle, although the joy doesn't last long because Julia declares war.


In the classroom, everyone is excited about something they saw on their phone or tablet. Lilith and Tasha, curious to know what's happening, snatch a tablet off someone else and find that Michelle is the best dressed person of the month. Julia, however, is furious about this. When Michelle comes in, everyone is glad to see her and starts crowding over her. But she's not satisfied about the disturbing comments of other people.

In Volleyball, Michelle and her two friends notice the PINY platypus mascot cheering on PINY. Michelle says it would be quite lame to be a mascot and wear the outfit to her friends. Julia overhears this. After P.E, when Michelle is in the showers, Julia steals her clothes and replaces them with the platypus outfit. Michelle is horrified when she finds her clothes are gone, and has to wear the platypus outfit. She goes around the school making sure she isn't caught wearing it, while Julia is recording her. Michelle then finds out that Julia stole her clothes and plots to get back at her for doing it.

At night, when the Beautiful People are sleeping in their dorm, the Indie Girls sneak into their dorm. Michelle finds a bowl of salad which is used for Julia's beauty routine, and puts the cucumbers on her eyes, and the knife and form on each side of her head, and other fruits and vegetables on her face.

The next day, everyone is gathering around the P.A . Julia is stabbing sticks into a Doll version of Michelle, but Michelle says that Julia needs to control her anger issues mockingly. Then, when the tv in the canteen turns on, it shows a picture of Julia sleeping with the salad on her face. Every one starts laughing. Julia yells at Will, suspecting he put it on there, but he says he didn't. Michelle and Julia are then caught by Madame Forbes and are sent to her office to discuss a punishment about what they did. As a punishment, both Julia and Michelle have to cheer PINY in platypus outfits in the next Volleyball lesson.


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